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Are You Looking For Calcium Bathroom Remodeling Today?

Calcium remodeling contractorIf you are looking for a reliable company to take care of your Calcium bathroom remodeling needs, contact 1st Choice Contracting today. We take the hassle out of home remodeling projects by provide over 15 years of expertise, guaranteed low pricing, and efficient, quality workmanship. We provide personalized service and craftsmanship that is unmatched in the area.

When you choose 1st Choice Contracting to be your Calcium remodeling contractor you can rest assured that we will get the job done with beautiful, high quality results - without breaking your budget. We do all the work in-house, meaning we can keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you. Plus, we are able to provide quality assurance since we don't "sub out" our work. We never skimp on quality at 1st Choice Contracting.

From plumbing to framing to complete renovations, we provide a full range of service to ensure your bathroom remodeling project can be managed by our crew of talented contractors from start to finish.

So if you are in need of a reliable, professional remodeling contractor for your Calcium bathroom remodeling project, call us today at 315-281-9195 to get started. Or if you have other home remodeling projects in mind, we can help you with that, too. From deck building to custom house building, 1st Choice Contracting is your source for home remodeling services at an unbeatable value for the quality of work you receive.

1st Choice Contracting - Calcium Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a popular choice for homeowners in Calcium for a multitude of reasons. The kitchen is often the centerpiece of the home where family and friends gather for more than just food...they socialize, make memories, have heartfelt talks, and share in everyday life in this space. Then, of course, there's the cooking aspect - a major part of the puzzle for food lovers everywhere!

Cooking is a vital part of making a home, and having an inviting kitchen can do wonders for the "warmth" and overall atmosphere of a home. A kitchen that is difficult to maneuver in or that doesn't provide the necessary storage space to easily go about cooking can make daily food preparation seem like a chore. This, in turn, makes the kitchen a less frequented, cold, boring area that's just "another part of the house." Maybe it's messy and cluttered or maybe there's just no "life" in it anymore.

Does this sounds like your kitchen? Let 1st Choice Contracting infuse your kitchen with light and life again! Call our Calcium kitchen remodeling contractors today to discuss your needs and budget, and let us help with the rest. From concept to completion, we'll help you make your Calcium kitchen remodeling ideas come to life with ease and precision. We work hard to take the hassle out of the Calcium kitchen remodeling project we take on, and you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to make your kitchen renovation as enjoyable as possible for you and your family.

Calcium Basement Finishing

Is your basement unfinished? Investing in Calcium basement finishing services will not only provide you a great return through increase property value, but you'll greatly increase the living space available to your family. Don't let your basement become a barren storage area for last year's holiday decorations, old memorabilia, and the occasional household pests - turn it into something more useful and enjoyable! With the help of our Calcium basement finishing experts, you can have a new home office, a hobby workshop, a game and recreation room, a dedicated "man cave" or a family room - or all of the above! Whatever idea you have in mind of your basement finishing project, our team can help you turn those ideas into a reality quickly, easily, and without all the hassle that usually comes with home remodeling projects.

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Calcium Sunrooms

If you are looking for a cost effective way to add space to your Calcium home, consider sunrooms. Sunrooms are an inexpensive alternative to typical home additions that provide extra space as well as natural light.

Calcium sunrooms are often built as dedicated "sun rooms" - for lounging and relaxing while natural light pours in through the walls of energy efficient windows displaying a picturesque scene of the outdoors. However, homeowners utilize sunrooms in many ways outside of their original purpose. A sunroom addition can be used to expand any room in the home, from the kitchen to a bedroom, providing a lovely source of natural light and additional living space. Sunrooms are great additions to small kitchens as they can provide a cozy breakfast nook or additional food prep and storage areas. Sunrooms can also serve as great entry ways for decks, patios, and outdoor swimming pool areas. Calcium sunrooms are also a wonderful place for family and friends to gather for parties and other activities.

Are you interested in having a sunroom built on to your home? Or perhaps you would prefer a traditional room addition or a complete second story home addition? Whatever the case may be, the remodeling and construction contractors at 1st Choice Contracting have the skills, equipment and workforce to help you turn your house expansion ideas into a reality. Call today to learn more about our various building services or to request an estimate for the cost of your home addition project.

The Services We Provide in Calcium, NY

If you are looking for a professional Calcium remodeling contractor then please call 315-281-9195 or complete our online request form.