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Lowville GaragesLowville garages are often used for anything but parking the car inside. From workshops to dedicated seasonal storage spaces, garages tend to be a cluttered, messy space. With the help of your friends at 1st Choice Contracting, however, you can transform your garage in to an organized and attractive addition to your home's living space.

We specialize in building garage additions for homes that only have car ports or not garage space at all, as well as garage remodeling. Remodeling your garage can actually have a major impact on your home's overall look as well as the storage and living space available to your family. We have converted many garages into family rooms, guest bedrooms, lofts for teenagers and college students, workshops, and home offices. Think the garage can't be anything but a cold, utilitarian space? Think again! Call our experts to learn more about what a wonderful and cozy place we've turned many Lowville garages into.

When you work with 1st Choice Contracting, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have partnered with a professional Lowville remodeling contractor that will complete your home remodeling project from conception to completion in a hassle-free manner with quality results. 1st Choice Contracting  is fully insured with generations of experience, a large portfolio of work as well as numerous references we can provide to testify to the quality of our work. So whether you need garage building, garage remodeling, or any other type of home renovation project, you can rely on 1st Choice Contracting.

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We Provide Garages in The Following Towns in New York

Watertown, NY | Lowville, NY | Carthage, NY | Brownville, NY | Adams, NY | Brantingham, NY | Calcium, NY | Chaumont, NY | Sacketts Harbor, NY | Clayton, NY | and More

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